Important update Cyber Security

As you are likely already aware SPAM and scammer activities are increasing dramatically throughout the world. These e-mails can be very sophisticated, convincing and elaborate claiming to be from legitimate companies such as ourselves, telecommunication and energy suppliers and Banks etc. Please be cautious when clicking on any links or replying to any emails sent with the name of ChannelManager in the title. Please verify the full email ID address by which it has been sent as scammers will have extra names, letters & numbers in the email address if you check the full email address.

We do not send any emails to accept terms and conditions as they are activated when you first log in to the system nor do we send any account payment info or requests for information or ask to click on external links unless you have requested it. We only send a monthly invoice and booking statement from the same e-mail address, updates such as this, and replies to e-mails that you send us.

We also suggest you change your password frequently and install anti-virus software in line with cybersecurity guidelines.

Please feel free to send any queries to help@channelmanager.com.au for any assistance with this or any other matter.


Channel Manager Team

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